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Feb. 20, 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST

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If you are tired of feeling stressed, overworked and marketing like a fiend (spending BIG BUCKS for ho-hum results with prospects who waste your time)...

You MAY be missing an important puzzle piece (aka Your Best Performing Offer) that can turn things around, 10x your revenue and lead to client sales.

Imagine instead that you....

  • have an “easy to sell” offer that attracts your BEST clients.

  • can transform that first sell into on-going cash flow that you can count on for months (if not years!)

  • have a Unique Offering that elevates your status in the industry and positions you as the go-to authority and expert.

  • can attract your IDEAL client that is ready to buy (and happy to pay your rates!

What's missing?

Your Unique Profit Amplifier (UPA!)

Join me for this Live Virtual Workshop and you'll discover how to.....

Create An Easy To Sell Offer

Tap into the power of your UPA by using my 3 pillars of a profitable, easy to sell offer (this will multiply your sales results!)

Be The Go-To Expert

Be a sought after expert by spotlighting your UPA (chances are you’ve already got one but you’ve become distracted with other “bright shiny ideas!)

Amplify Results

Learn how to optimize your UPA to maximize results (if you don't know what's missing you’ll keep this hidden gold dormant!)

Create Consistent Revenue

How to leverage your UPA to create consistent revenue streams (yes, sell your UPA once and transform that buyer into a client for life!)

PLUS - I'll answer the questions you share when you register and show up for the LIVE session !

Praise for Melanie's Programs

“After just one day with Melanie I had a restructured game plan and tools to achieve a 500% increase in my business. I covered my coaching fees within 24 hours!”

Peter Cutforth Biz Clicks Australia

Melanie’s process helped me see where I was spending my time on big distractions — and more importantly where my real profits were in my business. I got more clarity using this process than in an entire $20k investment with someone else.

Pam Ivey Founder, Online Marketing Manager Program

"Melanie helped me uncover huge profits that were right under my nose. It was worth every penny I invested to help me expand my impact and income."

Park Howell Host, Business of Story Podcast

Growing a business, creating consistent revenue does NOT mean you have to spend more money or work longer hours or create NEW products or services.

It's time to DOUBLE DOWN on your best performing offer and turn it into an IDEAL CLIENT MAGNET!

Let’s discover YOUR unique profit amplifier to accelerate your business! Register NOW!